Affordable Housing Schemes

Don’t put off owning a property when there are so many ways and means of buying your own home.

If you thought it was impossible to get a foot on the property ladder, think again. Many housing associations around the UK have affordable housing schemes available.

We can also talk to you about London Help to Buy.

There are some key criteria which must be met in order to qualify. It is therefore important that you speak with us as we understand affordable housing schemes thoroughly before proceeding.

Shared ownership enables you to buy a share of the property that you can afford – usually between 25 per cent and 75 per cent – and pay a rent at a level below market value on the remainder. We help you work out what share you can afford to buy so that you won’t be stretched financially. With shared ownership you can usually buy further shares of your home as and when you can afford to.

Make sure you can afford a mortgage before you commit. As the loan will be secured against your property, this means if you can't manage the repayments, you may lose your home.

Help to Buy – Mortgage Guarantee

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Social HomeBuy

Shared ownership of your council or housing association property. Find out how the scheme works and who can apply


Help to Buy – Equity Loan

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Right to Buy Scheme

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Shared Ownership

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